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'Due Diligence' for investments/decision making


What does this service include?

We conduct robust technical analysis prior to any investment in the mobility area, to enable promoters and retail investors make the right decisions based informed by data.


  • We assess the improvements needed to guarantee thefunctionality and sustainability of a development, ensuring safe and fluid mobility with an aim of protecting the Client’s investment.
  • We analyse the accesses and exits to the development location studied, as well as the internal road distribution and circulation within the developments.
  • We assess the future location of urban developments and retail-led mixed-use developments.
  • Urban transport assessments embedding sustainability.
  • Identification of signage points of conflict.
  • Use of analysis technology to calculate service levels and dynamic analysis.


We provide the best solutions for each market.

Infrastructure & Engineering

Highways Scheme

Commercial developments & Retail

Players of mass consumption

Residential, Housing & Mix-used developments

Master Plans & Commercial Developments

City and Public Authorities



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