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Surveys and Data Collection for all types of traffic


What does this service include?

We have extensive experience in high quality Traffic Count and Data Collection services. The variety and number of traffic counts we undertake enables us to determine and examine continuously at all times (and possibly in real-time), the existing traffic conditions in the areas installed. Our surveys and data collection work are essential in estimating demand and tariff policy, especially for toll-roads.

  • Vehicle, Cycle and Pedestrian Counts.
  • Recording of license plates for Origin/Destinations matrices
  • ANPR Surveys (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)
  • Data processiond and calibration
  • Development of Project Description, Project Definitions and Data Interpretation
  • Use of analysis technology
  • A step beyond classic ATC surveys (Automatic Traffic Counts) 
    • Section & Intersection ATC surveys.
    • Bluetooth ATC surveys.



We provide the best solutions for each market.

Infrastructure & Engineering

Highways Scheme

Commercial developments & Retail

Players of mass consumption

Residential, Housing & Mix-used developments

Master Plans & Commercial Developments

PPPs & Concessions

Brownfield & Greenfield

Public & Urban transport

Urban and Interurban transport operators

City and Public Authorities



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